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Country of Haiti is a country of some 10,000,000 souls who live in Haiti and around 4,000,000 that live around the world each seeking some measure of survivability. In the majority of western countries, there is power and benevolent influence that can be found in the national government, a healthy national economy and local charity groups to help reduce the general sense of helpless impoverishment among the very poor. But in Haiti, where desperation is widespread and resources are so very little, some government officials are unethically motivated to acquire the means of their own personal survival as well as that of their associates and families. Monies that might be used to fund local and national projects are diverted to personal interest at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised.

Selfish national and local policy inevitably leads to corruption in the highest ranks of government, despair among the common population and perhaps more importantly a complete lack of good ethnic and national identity. For example, the language of the common people is Haitian Creole. Everyone from the highest officials to the poorest among the people speak this language. Yet, because of the lack of a healthy national and ethnic self-image, Haitians are conditioned to believe that the French language which is taught in some of the local schools is a mark of heightened social status. But the very poor who are the great majority of the population are primarily interested in survival and are not privileged to the learning French. This leads to a subtle and devise form of segregation among a population which is in dire need of national unity and collective purpose! This is only a small example of the systematic sickness within thaw socio-political state of the country that I love. But still there is tremendous hope!

There are many Christian pastors and lay workers within the country that provide a door of opportunity and growth for their communities. Many church leaders are motivated to the health and well-being of their parishioners. There are hundreds of examples of local pastors (I among them) who risk their own personal welfare by sharing all that they have with the people they serve. And although we as believers know that this is what is expected of Godly leadership, the situation still poses serious problems. When all of the resources are consumed in the effort to survive, it leaves no further resources for development. Parishioners become dependent on the church to provide for them because the opportunities for development are very limited. This often leads to frustration and desperation even among pastors. I thank our lord Jesus Christ for the faithful men and women of God who make every necessary sacrifice for the sake of Kingdom of God. But help of our brothers and sisters around the world is very much needed!

 The vision is large, and God is able to accomplish everything that he has placed in our hearts! Please pray and ask God what part your organization can play in meeting the needs of thousands of souls that God has commissioned us to reach.

I earnestly await your answer!

I am yours in Christ

Apostle Odule Bitol


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