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Apostle Odule Bitol, author of the book "Haiti, Return to God," continues to appeal to the people of his nation that they must return to God.

Since the devastation that hit the county in January 2011, Apostle Bitol has constantly talked about how his heart is heavy because he is troubled by what he sees in his country.

Apostle Bitol makes several trips to America from Haiti and leaves a message. "The problem of our nation is not social, or material, but spiritual," he says.

There are three types of sin. The first sin is the original son that we all inherited from Adam and Eve. The second sin is the individual sin that everyone has free will. The third sin is a collective sin that all agreed to commit abomination against the nature of God," he explains. These sins, he says, hinder the prosperity of all nations.

Finally he says, "If you don't repent from your wicked sin, without a doubt, no matter who you are: president, senator, deputy, mayor, judge, lawyer; no matter your religion; if you don't turn away from your wicked sin, the gate of Hell is wide open waiting for you.

"I advise you to return to God so you can save your soul through the blood of Jesus Christ."

When devastation struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, Haitian minister Odule Bitol could not resist the opportunity to have this writer refer to the information he shared with the readers of the Sentinel a year ago this month about the catastrophic events occurring in the country.

At the time, he talked about the mission God had given him to tell the people that in order for things to change in their lives they had to return to God. They could not rely on the voodoo acts to break their oppression.

When the earthquake struck Haiti, Bitol says it was about 4:55 in the afternoon. He recalls that he and members of his congregation were gathering for a 5 P.M. prayer service in Santo, about 10 minutes from Port-Au-Prince.

"There were just a few of us that had gotten there early. We were sitting talking when the quake struck. None of us were hurt; the building shifted and a little of the ceiling fell." Bitol was reading from Acts 2 about the 'Day of Pentecost'. He says when the quake hit, there was instant darkness.

His wife, Myriene, and their 4 daughters were at home and he was concerned for them. He was finally able to reach them by phone and discovered they were well.

As Bitol looks back , he doesn't know why, but God had put it upon his heart to stock up on groceries the day before the quake. "I went into the store for a few items, and something told me to stock up. I did and the family was well taken care of."

After the quake, thousands gave up their lives to Christ in various worship services. This was a wake-up call for Haiti. God delivered us from the French Army more than 206 years ago. He has been warning the nation continuously. There is a history comparison between Israel and Haiti. Israel worshipped the cow and the pig. The voodoo and greed is still going on.

"The problem in Haiti is not social or materialistic, but spiritual. The people of Haiti must repent and realize that God is God and He is waiting for a repented heart and humble heart," he further stated.

Bitol, who is in the United States for a short while, says he will continue to carry the message of telling the people of Haiti to turn back to God.

Over the past several years, Odule Bitol has made continuous trips between Haiti and the United States. He shares the Word of God and brings whatever help he can get in the United States to his people.

His dream for the nation is that his people will cry out to God, return to God and do His Will.

"What is happening in the nation of Haiti is sub-natural. The earthquake, now the cholera, God is allowing these things to happen to show that He is God," he said.

He added that millions of dollars spent on the political election has not helped the cause of the country either. "Because the problem is not political –– it is spiritual. We have tried so many and they have all failed."

Bitol is not alone in that belief. He recalls the same message coming from others in the ministry from around the world.

Bitol has been working on a book since 2008 when he was kidnapped, held for ransom, and eventually freed without paying ransom. The book, to be released early next year, is written in 4 different languages: English, French, Spanish, and Creole. The purpose of the book is to wake up the Haitian people so that they'll know God is not pleased with their actions. "They need to hear the voice of God, repent and ask for forgiveness."

Bitol's inspiration to write the book was indwelled some years ago. A friend, Raphael Almonte, would sit and listen to him talking about his experiences with the Lord.

"He told me to pray and ask God to give me the handwriting to share with the people. The same day I went on my knees to God and the next day He gave me the writing," he explained, "and He have me the scriptures to back it up."

After the earthquake, he had more information to share the Haitian community.

"God is the answer for us. He was the answer for Nineveh, Israel and the people when they didn't know where else to go. Now in Haiti, He is the answer, but we must do our part."

Seventeen years ago, Odule Bitol came to the United States with an interest of starting a career in music. He was just 17 years old and was also dealing with a calling placed upon his life - the ministry. He has been ministering since he was 21 years old. He has traveled through-out the United States, Haiti, Mexico, Dominican republic and other countries sharing the world of god. "God has given me a vision and I am on a mission to see that the people come back to God. The problems that are in the Haiti are not social and materialistic, but spiritual, he explained. I want to see the nation delivered from the Satanic influences, he said referencing II Chronicles 7:14.

His evangelistic missing, he says is to tell others about the power of God and to pray so that God can use them.

Bitol share a frighting experience he had a year ago in April. He was kidnapped from the church he pastors in Haiti and help from a ransom of $150,000.

He was taken on a Wednesday night as he and his wife, Myrlene, were leaving the building where the church is located. Bitol, father of 4 daughter, went with the group willingly; he was blind-folded, hand hands and feet bound and taken a great distance away. The ride was at least an hour or longer, he recalls. “ I just pled the blood  of Jesus every step of the way,” he said, recalling the 3-day ordeal. Bitol said the treatment on Thursday was the worst. They tortured him. Friday was the best day, because God used him to witness to these who capture him. “I told them to give their lives to Christ.” Bitol knows the captors’ mission was to kill him. He know of several preachers who were capture, paid the ransom and were killed. His wife turned over to the captors 8,000 and God allowed him to be released on Saturday.” God even touched these criminals.

One of them told me I was not going to be killed.” he has returned to the nation several occasions since the incident. He is grateful to those who prayer that God would deliver him. After incident and hearing his testimony 70- 80 give their lives to Christ. He hopes one day have his life’ story put into a movie so the world can see God at work. A producer, Patrick Fernandez, heard his testimony and told Bitol that God told him to make a movie about the kidnapping incident. He hopes to use the financing from a movie to carry the gospel. He’s also hoping that a massive crusade in Haiti will help the nation to move forward. I thank God for putting people in my life like Ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox who allowed me to sit down with him and explain my vision. He has an interest in helping the nation of Haiti with no condition,” he said.