The Book: Haiti, Return to God

People around the world are asking, ‘What is going on in Haiti?’ Today, I want to help you understand the reality that exists in the country.

Odule Bitol’s new book, Haiti Return to God ( $9.95, eBook, 978-1-62509-102-4), the author is quick to point out that the multitude of problems Haiti has faced and will continue to face is not from a social or material standpoint, but from a lack of faith in God. Bitol’s desire is to share the truth with his country and bring them back into God’s glory. This book clearly explains where and how Haiti has gone wrong, from its be leaders, voodoo practice and other various choices that were made by the Haitian people, but the author also shows that hope is not lost. Bitol provides a roadmap back to God, which is the most important ingredient in establishing a solid foundation for the country to build on.

“People around the world are asking, ‘What is going on in Haiti?’ Today, I want to help you understand the reality that exists in the country,” states the author. “Haiti, like the country of Wales in 1904, has been going through very difficult times and a spiritual war is raging throughout the country. God sent provisions for the Welsh to come out of the darkness with a mighty revival, just as He did on the day of the Pentecost, to start a new history for that nation. God will do the same for Haiti.”

Odule Bitol moved to the United States of America when he was seventeen years old and gave his life to the Lord when he was twenty. He began ministering locally and abroad to other countries to share the gospel of the Lord. Bitol is an ordained minister and currently oversees Jesus is the Light Inc.


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The problem of Haiti is a mystery for many nations and people that not aware of the   situation… but “HAITI RETURN TO GOD” HAS THE ANSWER! There’s no doubt some of you always looking forward for opportunity to collaborate and help my country, but we can see that is not enough, because the problem of Haiti is not social or material, but spiritual. The Haitians solution will not resolved by bringing aid, because the problem goes more far then what we can think… in one statement former secretary Hilary Clinton admitted that United States of America realizes that the problem of HAITI will not resolve by aid only. "We had learned that supporting long-term prosperity in Haiti meant more than providing aid," she said."  WE OUR AND CAMPAIGN FOR “HAITI RETURN TO GOD” My deep recommendation for all of you that interest in the case of HAITI to read my book “HAITI RETURN TO GOD” because there’s a lot we can learn from it… Withhold not good from those to whom it is due [its rightful owners], when it is in the power of your hand to do it. Proverb 11:27 (AMP)


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